Back From Berlin

Hello everyone, I hope you've all been well. I just got back from Illustrative 2009, I had a great time. I saw lots of cool stuff and met some wonderful artist like Roman Bittner, Christian Montenegro, and Sebastien Preschoux. My girlfriend Kathryn McFarlane and I took lots of pictures and did a little bit of sketching, I will post more photos periodically in the next few weeks. I also had the new images from NASA JPL photographed this week (pictured above).


Better Late Than Never.

Hope everyone's doing well. I've been busy updating my site (long overdue), hope you enjoy. I also just finished up some artwork for the Office of Information Technology at NASA JPL. I'm leaving for Berlin this Monday to attend Illustrative 2009, curated by Pascal Johannsen. I'll try and take alot of pictures. Have a great weekend.