Happy Holidays!!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season. I've been drawing a lot lately here is a piece I just did this last week. My shirts with
Modern Amusement will be coming out this spring so keep an eye out, there is a preview online.


Wall Street Journal Magazine and NASA

Hope every one had a good Thanksgiving. Here is an illustration I did for Wall Street Journal Magazine. I worked with my friend Yuri Chung on this project. Below is a snapshot of some of the continuing work I've been doing for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.



Hello, hope everyone is doing well. I just returned from Doug Aitken's opening at 303 gallery in New York. Above is some of the work I was lucky enough to work with Doug on. Mike Matheson (center), Jeaneen Carlino(left), and Austin McCormick(not pictured) were also great contributors to the project. And are all awesome artist!!! We all had a great time exploring the city, I really enjoyed the Natural History Museum.
Lately I've been working on some new personal work, as well as new projects at NASA JPL. More images soon. Have a great week.


Illustative 2008 Zurich

Hello, its been a while. I've been busy finishing some projects at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (I'll have images as soon as I can) In the mean time I've have a few shirts coming out with my friends over at Modern Amusement and I'm participating in Illustrative 08 Zurich.
Above is a preview of the show. Have a great week and I'll try to be better about posting.


Making Art

Hope everyone has been doing well, I've been having a lot of fun working on a variety of projects. The very top image is a series of spots that deal with bowling terminology. I worked with Art Director Mark Shaw of Vibe. I hung out with Doug Aitken on the set of his new project, where I met this mountain lion. I've continued to work on a variety of projects at NASA JPL (images coming soon). And I'm currently creating new work for a couple of shows occurring locally and internationally. In closing, I found out earlier this week that I'll have a piece appearing in the upcoming American Illustration Annual (below). Have an awesome week, and check back soon.



Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone had an awesome holiday season. Here is an image I made for the March issue of Vibe Magazine. I worked with Art Director Mark Shaw (very cool guy) on this project. The article highlights the Green Movement. More updates to come, keep an eye out.